Training School - Program


All lectures will be held at Hotel Palace, Panorama Hall, 6th floor.

Timetable of the COST Training School Book of Abstracts

Training School - Topics

Ab initio computation of isolated molecules and periodic systems
  • Roberto Linguerri
Modeling of reaction-diffusion-advection systems in three dimensions
  • Dezso Horvath

Grand Canonical Monte Carlo simulations of Gas-Adsorption in Metal–Organic Frameworks
  • Sonja Grubišić

Multi-scale investigations of the interaction of small molecules with surfaces
  • Majdi Hochlaf

Atomistic computational mineralogy
  • Claro Ignacio Sainz-Díaz
  • Dušanka Radanović

Multifunctional roles of microtubules in living cells
  • Miljko Satarić
Structure and cohesive energy of dipolar helices
  • Miljan Dašić

Scale transcendent behavior in the planar and cylindrical system of discrete magnetic dipoles
  • Igor Stanković
Qualitative bifurcation analysis of stochastic delay-differential equations
  • Igor Franović

Matrix Isolation and IR-Induced Chemistry: A Matter of Selectivity

  • Rui Fausto

Electronic structures and nuclear quantum dynamics treatments for computational spectroscopy investigations
  • Rita Prosmiti

Experimental and modeling studies of binary mixtures: How Molecular Dynamics simulations can help in understanding unexpected chemical-physical properties
  • Francesca Mocci

Training School, 2020, Belgrade