Multiscale modeling of the properties of compounds:
From isolated molecules to 3D materials

COST Training School 2020

The Training School: "Multiscale modeling of the properties of compounds: From isolated molecules to 3D materials" is organized by the COST action CA17120 Chemobrionics.

The Training School will cover the expertise in a broad field of multiscale modeling. The topics will include physical and chemical aspects of multiscale modeling of solids, liquid mixtures, fluid-structure interaction and biopolymers (proteins and nucleic acids), focusing on the formation of biological and biomimetic microtubular structures, the self-assembling patterns in reaction-diffusion systems, the use of DFT and methods in mineralogy and for the characterization of biological materials, as well as adsorption/desorption processes. Thе Training School will address modern problems where the system complexity involves multiple temporal and/or spatial characteristic scales. It will provide a comprehensive presentation of the underlying phenomena and the numerical analysis and simulation methods, ranging from the atomistic to the mesoscopic and up to the macroscopic levels. The school is intended for confirmed researchers, Early Career Investigators and PhD students, whom engaged in computational modeling in material science, chemistry, physics, biology and engineering and related experimental and applied fields. The Training School will have five days of lectures, complemented by hands-on exercises aimed to provide a practical insight on the selected problems within the different covered fields. In addition, the School will host a poster session where the trainees will have the opportunity to present their work, to promote and create new synergies among the attendees.

COST Action Chemobrionics

Self-organizing precipitation processes, such as chemical gardens forming biomimetic micro- and nano-tubular forms, have the potential to drastically enhance future materials design, as well as allowing us to develop new methodologies to explore, quantify and understand non-equilibrium chemical systems, and might even shed light on the conditions for the origin of life. Our objective is to build bridges between the various communities to allow understanding and controlling physical, chemical, and biological properties of self-organized precipitation processes.

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Training School 2020, Belgrade

The Training School: "Multiscale modeling of the properties of compounds: From isolated molecules to 3D materials".

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